Happiness is nothing more than health and a poor memory.

Happiness is nothing more than health and poor memory.

ALEXANDER TESLYA.MD. British citizen. Top specialist in the field of medicine with over 38 years of experience.

Since 1979 general practitioner as well as practicing non-traditional medicine such as acupuncture, osteopathy, massage working in government hospital in Ukraine.

Since 1990 private practice and teaching in medical college, medical university and sport education college.

Since 1997-2007 private practice at Bath&Racquets Club in London, among my patients were: M.Barley, Shake Al-Thane, J.Gallagner, D.Golandris, G.Rankin, H.Shore, G.Haddad, B.Coste, at this period teaching job in London School of Sports Massage and also being a doctor of Australian an Ukrainian Olimpic sailing teams.

Since 2007-2011 private practice and teaching job in Medical Academy, Ukraine.

Since 2011-2012 private practice in Praha and Karlovy-Vary, Czech Republica.

2013-... — Private practice in hospital "Zdorovoe pokolenie"